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    SUNDAY, SEPT. 29, 2019


  • Become a seller!

    Join your neighbors, attract more buyers, make more money!

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    2019 Garage/Yard Sale Registration

    Event date: Sunday, September 29 2019, 9AM-3PM

    Dust off those old treasures hidden away in your basement, attic, garage, or even your living room! Haul ‘em out to your yard or your garage and make a few bucks!


    Our primary area of the sale is Montrose to Lawrence, and Damen to Ashland. Other sellers are welcome, but please note that most sellers will be in that area—and most of the foot traffic!


    It’s easy to become a seller:


    1) Complete the registration form below. We need this in no later than Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. Please be accurate—we want to be able to direct buyers to your place!


    2) Pay a $10 fee via the Paypal link below. (Additional donations are appreciated!) Advertising, organizing, day of signage and getting the word out takes money. No refunds. We will need to spend the money upfront on all event-related costs.


    3) Bulk Garage Sale Permit: We got this for you! RNA will submit all registrations to the 47th Ward office for a bulk permit. So we’re not kidding when we say you MUST register by the Friday, Sept 20th deadline. No exceptions. Copies of the e-mail permit will be mailed out to all registered sellers.


    4) You can help by spreading the word! Text, email, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat friends and strangers alike about the opportunity to score some awesome bargains on September 29th. Remember: the more people we bring to Ravenswood on September 29th, the more $$$ you can make from the sale of your items!!


    5) We'll send out a welcome email to all sellers with details and information about being a seller. That's it! Sell away!

  • 1. Sellers: REGISTER BELOW

  • 2. Sellers: PAY here!

    Help us cover the costs of running the event: Signage, printouts, paid online ads.

  • Buyers: Want the details?

    Come to Ravenswood on Sunday, September 29th to find awesome bargains, high quality housewares, baby items, furniture, clothing, and a whole lot more!

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    More about what to expect

    Wheel and deal, haggle and negotiate- our Sellers want to see your best offers!

    Ravenswood Neighbors Garage Sale
    Sunday, September 29th 9AM-3PM


    Lots of Households, Lots more Bargains, Tons of Alleys and Yards to Explore!! This year Ravenswood Neighbors Association is organizing its third annual community-wide, garage sale. Grab a coffee and spend your Sunday exploring the many bargains in the alleys and on the sidewalks of the neighborhood.


    Opens at 9AM and closes at 3PM, rain or shine.


    The Ravenswood Neighbors area extends from Lawrence (4800N) on the north, to Montrose (4400N) on the south, from Ashland on the east to Damen on the west. It is west of Uptown, east of Lincoln Square.



    CTA Brown Line stopping at the Damen or Montrose stop
    CTA bus route 78 Montrose
    CTA bus route 81 Lawrence

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    Many (but not all) sellers are located between Montrose & Lawrence, Damen & Ashland. Make sure to check back for the map to find ALL sellers involved!

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